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The epigraph to Venyce's french biography reads "Vous qui passez notre cité, Laissez vos armes à l'entrée"; that is, "ye who pass through our city, leave your weapons at the gates".


Venyce play a complex pop-rock, psychedelic and occasionally heavily opiated, that unnerves you and then takes you by the gut & never leaves you. You might just need your weapons to take on the ordeal. A hallucinatory trip that would have sucked in the great Lenny Kaye, collector of America's hidden treasures for his Nuggets compilation.


The same spirit is on display. You never know where a Venyce tune is going. Whimsical, they've climbed aboard their trusty vessel and they're letting themselves drift along with the winds.


So we have Anthony S., guitars & vocals, and his band of outlaws Ben V. (keyboards, vocals & guitar), Benjamin B. (guitar), Jérôme V. (bass) & Joe D. (drums). They're a good-looking bunch, just like the Magnificent Seven would be - if there were only five of them.


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Missing Persons
The new 6-track EP from our favourite bandits. A mini-album swinging between explosions of sound and more calm introspective songs. An undeniable success. (MP3 Download)

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