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The No-Band Ghost Project
We can't explain it, but certain tunes haunt you for days - and nights - without you really knowing why. The No-Band Ghost Project's music is pregnant with meaning, an enchanted kaleidoscope that'll knock you off the beaten track. The music of the No-Band Ghost Project is like the visuals chosen by the band to illustrate their compositions: multicoloured collages of rare poetry.

The No-Band Ghost Project is the musical brainchild of Aurélien Farina, currently based in Paris and practising various disciplines, including painting & drawing. Born in 2007, the project presents itself as the work of a "phantom collective", bringing together members whose identity and number are never defined, mixing music & visual arts.

From this point of view, The No-Band Ghost Project resemble projects like those of Phil Elverum or Marriage Records, working between art & craft with a strong DIY ethic and with self-production and self-publication of complete musico-graphico-literary objects as their objective.

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