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Sylvia Hanschneckenbuhl

It's been a long time since we put any faith in men to save rock. Too paunchy, too sweaty, egos the size of a small continent... No, it's definitely not encouraging.

And since The Go-gos, the Breeders, PJ Harvey & Liz Phair, we've made our choice: girls will save rock, we're sure of it.

Today, it's Sylvia Hanschneckenbühl who's kicking all the knuckle-draggers to the kerb. Her songs, sometimes pop, sometimes more energetic, are biting, with sardonic lyrics that are often hilarious and razor-edged guitars, but sometimes also quite crystal until it almost evokes one of our all-time heroes, Maurice Deebank, the colossal guitarist from the wonderful Felt.

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Does Not Sing Christmas
Sylvia Hanschneckenbühl could be the French spiritual cousin of Liz Phair. Her minimalist music leaves free rein for incisive, sharp guitars and a mischievous voice (like on the excellent Nicely Stupid). (MP3 Download)

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