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Pierre & Marie

Sometimes, when you listen to certain music, you can't help comparing the track's composition to Art. With a capital A. Take for example the tunes of this trio, Pierre & Marie: there is a real and magnificent construction and attention to detail in these songs, the style of which varies between folk and electro, via pop and even reggae. As a worthy disciple of XTC's Andy Partridge, Pierre crafts his melodies with meticulous care, injecting just the right dose of passion and mystery.

A Parisian band founded in 1998, Pierre & Marie are in fact a three-piece with Pierre on vocals & guitar, Marie on vocals & arrangements (melodica, flute & percussion) and Franck on bass & backing vocals. A trio whose Holy Trinity leaves us all moony-eyed: Brian Wilson, Lou Reed et Bob Marley. What more could you ask for?


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Pierre & Marie likes following websites:


http://nelevezpaslespieds.blogspot.com (Marie's blog)

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