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News - January 2008

eliotE have joined Pop Only Knows

eliotE have joined Pop Only Knows. A debut ep should be available soon on PoK.

Mina May and KiT have joined PoK

Mina May (Blues-Rock) and KiT (electro) will be available on PoK.

Lp should be available around end of February. Stay in touch.

Polarsun now on line.

The Magic of Crashing Lights, the Polarsun's second ep, is now available here !

Pictures of 2nd PoK event now on line

PoK II Party - Some Pictures here (Click on grand ecran to see the pictures).

All pictures belong to Cyril Poulange and Pierre Cellier. 



Album powered by ComBoost - Voir diaporamas : pleine page - grand ecran

Polarsun have joined Pop Only Knows

The marvellous Polarsun's Sunshine Pop will be soon on line. Stay in touch !

Siamese now on line.

The first mini lp from Siamese is now out ! Please check it out here and discover a bonus track that you'll be able to download for free.

Siamese et Dodes K'Den rejoignent PoK

Siamese and Dodes K'Den have joined PoK ! Their lps should be on line end of January 2008.

Carvel is recording its first lp

Carvel is currently recording their first lp. Vincent Hoppe from Ze Living Room Studio is overseeing the mix and the mastering. The lp should be released Q1 2008.


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