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"I hope I die before I get old" - Pete Townshend of the Who on My Generation.

He's not wrong, our Pete: old age is a shipwreck. To remain young, you can try the Fountain of Youth, get a Nip/Tuck-style facelift, or - a lower-cost solution - you can listen to Logarithmics.

Created in 2006 in Paris, Logarithmics are a spring-mounted rhythm with Manu on bass & Maxime on drums, two groovy guitars - Alexandre's & Thibaut's - and an irrestistible siren voice, larking around with Alex on most of the tracks for your Listening Pleasure.

Logarithmics have an insolent kind of class, pop songs to beat any Mancunian group du jour and enough energy to bury any rock dinosaur.

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Behind the screen, in broad daylight
7 pop-rock songs of which the future classics MIA & Bewitched, anthems under the influence of British indie pop. Once again the band demonstrate all their chorus skills: la grande classe. (MP3 Download)

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