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In the Eighties, there was a fantastic Czech tennis player named Miroslav Mecir. Nicknamed The Cat, Mecir played instinctively, with subtlety, with finesse. It was a pleasure to see him slide across the clay, or the lawns of Wimbledon, to see him on the baseline and then without noticing how he got there see him at the net, delicately placing the ball exactly where he wanted it.

Lewitt, a French pop group, are something like the Miroslave Mecir of Pop Only Knows. Often singing in French, they play a delicate, gentle pop, inhabited by fanciful creatures and coloured by little notes of electro For Our Listening Pleasure.

Created in 2004 by David & François, the pairing - often intimate, always melodious, have a gift for writing addictive refrains of such infinite delicacy, cousins of our friends Superflu, in the French family tree, and of the wonderful bands on the now-folded Sarah Records label (Brighter, The Orchids, Another Sunny Day...).



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