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La Feline
When Jacques Tourneur finished his admirable film Cat People (La Feline in french), now a fantasy classic, he made it a point of honor to suggest everything, show nothing, to make more of an impact. The film's success proved him right: the audience backed him.

When Agnes, Xavier and Stephane named themselves La Feline as an hommage to Jacques Tourneur's film (and as a nod to the Strangler's album), you can sense the same desire to suggest, to disturb or to subtly provoke happiness without the classic armada of the hacks of pop (wailing violins, ham-handed production). Chez La Feline, all is subtlety, finesse and elegance.

An what class ! This enchanting pop folk owes much to Agnes voice, in turn sensual, spellbinding or turbulent (listen to the amazing Three Graces if you need proof). But La Feline's music is also in Xavier's keyboards, whose soaring melodies recall Angelo Badalamenti or Ennio Morricone, and in the rhythm dictated by Stéphane at the drums.

But mostly, La Feline's music is great tunes, to sing along, whistle to, take up in chorus. Pure. Dead. Brillant.


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La Féline EP (Version CD - Digipack Arigato)
La Feline's debut EP is a gorgeous album, sometimes pop, sometimes folk, and even krautrock too. A pure gem. (Compact disc - Postage included - Cd will be sent within 1 or 2 weeks)

Cent metres de haut
La Féline hit on the excellent idea of collecting three remixes on this new maxi: 3 remixes crafted by Mondkopf & Ricky Hollywood, showing that La Féline's songs can deck themselves in electronica without losing any of their seductive nature, au contraire. (MP3 Download)

Wolf and Wheel Ep
The La Feline second ep is an amazing opus, for all of you who like Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch and Serge Gainsbourg. Already a classic. (MP3 Download)

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