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Geoffroy Barthelemy & Alcatraz

Before the 90s, when you were a young French band, you had the choice between tormented driven rock like Noir Désir, or French variété under its figurehead Johnny Halliday.
If you liked English (or Scottish or Irish or Welsh) or American pop, it seemed like you just couldn't draw your inspiration from it.

And then the Contresens compilation came out in 1991, backed by the Inrockuptibles, and everything was possible. Since this cornerstone of pop, we know that pop in French can happen. Geoffroy Barthelemy & Alcatraz are its worthy heirs, children of the Objets or the Freluquets.

Geoffroy Barthelemy & Alcatraz are from St Etienne and were created in 2006. With influences from Alain Souchon, Jean-Louis Murat and the Beatles, the band write and perform delicately and skilfully crafted English melodies, in French.


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