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fran fran

Some crucial musical meetings of minds can stay with you forever.
Take fran fran, a young French musician from La Rochelle, who's been working in Lyon for the last four years.

He admits to being nursed on Pink Floyd and Dire Straits. If for all that he hasn't grown into a guitar hero like Mark Knopfler or David Gilmour, fran fran has retained a definite taste for airy melodies and and certain penchant for the experimental.

But the real breaktrhough for fran fran was the discovery of the band Travis with their album The Man Who and the voice of Fran Healy which inspired him greatly. That was it, the name of his musical project would be a nod to that great songwriter.

From that moment on, fran fran began to write songs, without really being able to record them.

And then, like others in France, fran fran discovered Syd Matters through Les Inrockuptibles and this third meeting would be decisive for him, Jonathan Morali being one of the first to prove that you can do much more than demos at home in the home studio.

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