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I would like to download the album I've bought !


Once you've bought your album, it becomes available for download in your account area, accessed by clicking on CONNECT / CREATE AN ACCOUNT (at the top of the page).
Then you populate the fields with your login and you password and click on OK.

By clicking on this, you can access the MY MUSIC section.
Each album will appear broken down into its individual tracks, with the option of downloading a zip file of the whole album by clicking on DOWNLOAD COMPLETE EP IN ONE CLICK.


What is an RSS feed for ?

An RSS feed s the file containing the latest articles published on PoK. This file, read by an RSS aggregator, keeps you updated when the site is.

- You have a blog/a website ?

Pop Only Knows places its RSS feed at your disposal, which you can freely include on your site. That way you can offer automatically updated content to your readers!

- You're interested in the site content and you want to read the POK feed on your pc ?
There are several applications that allow you to use & read RSS files. Here are a few of the most popular:

· FeedReader Windows
· Headline Viewer Windows
· NetNewsWire MacOS X
· Amphetadesk Windows, MacOS X, Linux
· Radio Userland Windows, MacOS X

Windows Vista allows you to add the RSS feed directly to your desktop, use the facility and be the first to receive PoK news as it happens.


First you can find a cyber café, or a wifi connection, and you connect to your PoK account, you'll have access to your purchases & the PoK playlist from absolutely anywhere.
All playlists can be found in the MY MUSIC and CHECK OUT OUR MP3s.


Nothing easier: just send a mail to contact@pop-only-knows.com

The rules are as follows:

Pop Only Knows is a new type of platform. Bands can't sign up and put their own work up for download on PoK.
Our team selects the bands we distribute, a bit like a web label. It's a debatable & subjective system (but we stand by it): we distribute what we like and maintain a certain coherance in the catalogue.

The second condition is that we'd like to limit ourselves to around 50 bands, because we don't want our artists to get lost in some kind of vast database. We prefer to really focus on 50 groups we love, and place them under our spotlight.


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