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Dodes K'Den
Dodes K'den is the name of a Kurosawa movie. In Japanese, it's the onomatopoeia for the sound a train makes.
It's a nice image for Dodes K'den's music, because that's exactly the impression their songs create ; drums beating, flooring it, like the best English bands at the beginning of the 80s (The Buzzcocks, The Undertones or The Damned).

But what makes Dodes K'den stand out in French rock are their lyrics, in French, chiselled, incisive & direct but also gentle, or sometimes bitter. A far cry from the twee navel-gazing of certain French artists of the pseudo-romantic genre, who shall remain nameless...

A fine selection of mechanics power the Dodes K'den locomotive: Ghys, singer, songwriter & guitarist; Bambs on bass ; Fred on guitars & Pollux on drums. The four of them master the art of pastiche with a certain flair, sometimes reminiscent of the alternative spirit of some of the French groups of the 80s (ah, the pogo on Les Sheriff!).

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