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Chanson Française

Last subscribers
Un Matin en Nous Reveillant
Pop, rock, folk - 12 songs

This is the first Lezarsonic LP, often sung in French and definitely rock. (MP3 Download)
La Feline
Wolf and Wheel Ep
Pop, rock, folk - 6 songs

The La Feline second ep is an amazing opus, for all of you who like Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch and Serge Gainsbourg. Already a classic. (MP3 Download)
La Feline
La Féline EP (Version CD - Digipack Arigato)
Pop, rock, folk - 7 songs

La Feline's debut EP is a gorgeous album, sometimes pop, sometimes folk, and even krautrock too. A pure gem. (Compact disc - Postage included - Cd will be sent within 1 or 2 weeks)
Dodes K'Den
Les Animaux
Pop, rock, folk - 15 songs

L'Enfance de l'Art
Chanson Française - 13 songs

Geoffroy Barthelemy & Alcatraz
A Distance
Chanson Française - 10 songs

La Feline
La Féline EP
Pop, rock, folk - 7 songs

Chanson Française - 9 songs

Monsieur Lobster
Miscellanea (Compact Disc)
Electro - 10 songs

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