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Last subscribers
The Pregnant Dancers
Pop, rock, folk - 6 songs

The Pregnant Dancers Debut EP is inviting Slowdive to jam with Boards of Canada. Totally buzzing and hypnotic.
Minnie Moskowitz
The Shark Is Dead
Pop, rock, folk - 4 songs

"Take a slice of sexy 60s percussive beats, another slice of 80s melodic riffs and a filling of sweet, sassy vocals and you have one bright electropop Minnie Moskowitz sandwich you want to go back and order more of!” From Mickey O'Brien (La Roux/Tragic Toys) (MP3 Download)
Argiles Ep
Electro - 7 songs

Deeply original, Clay's mineral electro flirts with darkwave, while still retaining a powerful identity of its own. Intriguing and magical. (MP3 Download)
Down Under The Elevator
Electro - 10 songs

Argiles ep (Version CD)
Electro - 7 songs

Glitch in the Game
Electro - 5 songs

La Feline
Cent metres de haut
Electro - 4 songs

Monsieur Lobster
Electro - 10 songs

Saint Amour
My Sadness is Deeper than Yours
Pop, rock, folk - 10 songs

Plastic Landscape
Pop, rock, folk - 6 songs

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