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In ancient times, cantharidin - the crushed powder of the Spanish Fly, Cantharides - was said to have aphrodisiac properties. It was the Viagra of the day.
Today, this is known to be dangerous and untrue, the dreams and fantasies of our Roman friends are destroyed, our wildest flights of fancy brought to an end.

And yet, at Pop Only Knows, we know a man who pursues this heritage and transubstantiated it into music, creating an addictive acoustic pop that stimulates & excites... He takes the homage to the point of calling himself Cantharide, and we understand why: his music, a little psychadelic, may cause lightness and blissful joy but also melancholia and a delicate bluesy feeling in certain cases with the more poignant tracks.

Pierre Chaissac is the man behind Cantharide, writing, singing and playing all the instruments on every brilliant song.

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The Dark Side of The Wood - part 1
Pop-folk lightly flavoured with "so Breeteesh" psychadelia. A wonderful gem to file in between Teenage Fanclub and the works of Martin Newell. (MP3 Download)

Do The Bzzz With...
Cantharide's first album is actually a “best-of”... or a compilation... or one hell of a mess, as you like it. You won't have time to get bored : combining polished pop songs with rougher tracks, the whole sparkled with a psychedelic touch, this LP adds together sound eclecticism and consistent, asserted writing. (MP3 Download)

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