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Bertram Wooster

Bertram Wooster is a musical project orchestrated by a composer, musician & singer from Rennes.


The 11 tracks on POPETRY, his first album, share an original concept : modernising classical English poems with pop/folk melodies.

The tinkle of the toy piano, the chords of the ukelele, metallophone, tambourines & clapping hands breathe life into the maginary spaces inhabited by fantastical creatures dear to Lewis Carroll & Edward.


Bertram Wooster's universe can also be melancholy : the works of Lord Byron, John Keats & Robert Frost are draped in nostalgia with sensitive piano compositions.


A new line-up is about to get back on stage in 2012 to share this first album with its audience. While we're waiting, meet the whimsical world of Bertram Wooster with POPETRY!


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Lord Byron
  Lord Byron
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  Robert Frost
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