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On Bellegarde's Telefon II ep, there's a hit single of a song called Reptil.
Beyond a zoology lesson on snakes & lizards We Have Known, ultimately there's nothing better than the word Reptile to describe Bellegarde's music.

In fact, the group, indefinable, navigate constantly between straight-down-the-line pop (tending towards the Beatles or the Sneetches) and improvisations, classy melodies and more experimental strains (krautrock). A group who changes their skin, in perpetual moult (because the group fears above all monotony). In Bellegarde's music you will find: drum crescendos, incursions of saturated guitars or hypnotic synth spirals. But before all, melodies, unmatchable, to hum and whistle. Bellegarde is a truly great pop band.

The Parisian quartet was formed in 2005 by Jérôme (guitar & vocals) and Sarah (vocals & keyboard). With them, Sylvia on bass & Stéphane on drums. On record, the band subtly mixes pop, new wave, bossa nova & psychadelia, positioning themselves as a worthy successor to the marvellous Stereolab that they love so much.

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Bellegarde likes following websites:
http://parlhot.over-blog.com (musical blog)
http://hanschneckenbuhl.photos.20six.fr (Photos) 
www.chtotakoi.com (Graphic Design)

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