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In the beginning were the Freshmakers, a group of friends, born from a meeting among the dreaming spires of academia. Formed in 2001, the band soon acquired a solid reputation on the Paris indie scene, playing an energetic rock français.

Members came & went, influences evolved, and the band decided to rename to 1979.

And so it was that in 2005, 1979 began and crashed the dinner party of French rock. An inspired singer (Hervé), impetuous guitars (Bastien & Giovanni), a tempo forte rhythm section (Nicolas on bass, Mathias on drums) and a keyboard player that knows his Pink Floyd (Benjamin), and the band was ready to take on stage and studio.

Their first (eponymous) album was released in 2006, produced by the band's own label, Freshmind Production, to an excellent welcome, compounded by the selection of the track Face to Face for an Orange ad, for the Djinn project.

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